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Bright Assignments referral programs reward existing clients for sharing word-of-mouth and incentivize new clients to try out our brand, which adds a loyal audience with us for the long term.

We generate a referral code when you signup on our portal for the first time.

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Our terms are when you share that referral code to multiple peoples and the first 5 persons who join and put an order threw your generated lead.

We will be rewarding you by giving back their 10% of the money which they paid for getting their first assignment done by us.

This referral payback fee is fixed and isn't being negotiable. Also, if the order isn't completed and the client didn't give us an order or we are unable to deliver due to some reason. We are not liable to pay you.

This lead generation and capturing referrals are automated and you have nothing to do with this.

Your 10% Referral fees on each order will be transferred to your account when we have completed the assignment. Your fees will be transferred in your bright assignment wallet within a day and available for use for your further purchases with us or you could also transfer it to your bank account.

Bright Assignments believe in client satisfaction and retention and you will be happy each time giving us the work.

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