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We request if you go through our terms and conditions before hiring us for your assignment task. Read them carefully, as once you place your request you will be considered agreeing with all our stipulations. You are instantly cease the use of our service ,if you do not agree with any of our clause.

In the following conditions ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ and assignment help service refers to.Brightassignment.com and you refer to all the users and visiting people of our services.

We have the copyright over the assignment and material written by us which is exclusively our property. However, the completed orders/assignments are meant for your institutional purpose only. Unauthorized sale or distribution without consent is strictly not allowed.

Despite offering the best assignment writing we do not guarantee hundred percent grade ‘A’ as a result or the highest marks.

The price of assignment is set as per the limit of its package which can be modified if assignment exceeds the specific offer limits.

The additional charge has to be made as payment for any sort of modification in your assignment.

We will not be responsible for any late delivery if the provided information and instructions are not correctly communicated or modified by you after having placed the order.

Delay in payment will delay the order as our respective assigned tutor starts working on your assignment only when necessary payment is done by you.

For every additional service that you request for after placing the order, the additional payment has to be done separately in order to avail the additional service.

We are not responsible for any theft from your bank account, as we do not save your card details neither do we share any such details to third parties.

Unauthorized credit card usage by you is strictly prohibited and will be consider as crime that will immediately be reported to the police.

As a responsibility you need to clearly define and communicate each and every instruction of your task to us. None of the instructions should contradict any of the previously conveyed instructions.

Under the legal authorization we can make full use of time period of said deadline. However, we can consider the early delivery before said deadline if you provide appropriate reason. But it must be noted that any early delivery of the assignment will be solely our discretion.

The proofreading charges will be included in the amount you pay. If your assignment work exceeds the standard time limit, then additional charges of proofreading facility will be applied.

We do not promise you our website as an error free website despite of having professionals who lead operations of website glitch free.

We do offer 'reworks' in case a student gets inappropriate grade due to our service. In such case we do not refund the money for the simple reason that every assignment is treated as a product and the moment it is delivered to you, it is considered as the product (assignment) is sold. For the refunds, please read our Refund policy" section.

We reserve the sole right to terminate the entire or part of service agreement at any time.